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In an effort to combat the practice of tactical dehydration, ACC has approved the AMXDmax as Safe-to-Fly on the following United States Air Force (USAF) aircraft: F-22, F-35, F-16, F-15, A-10, F-4, B-1, B-2, B-52, C-130 Series, C-135 Series, E-3 Series, E-4 Series, E-8 Series, C-12 Series, T-38, T-6, T-1, CV-22, HH-60, and UH-1.

The AMXDmax is a constant-wear, fully automatic, in-flight bladder relief device.  It is an effective, hand-free solution allowing aircrew to focus on objectives for the entire mission without distraction, dehydration impairment, or discomfort.

The Advanced Mission Extender Device facilitates hydration by providing bladder relief support for warfighters.  Lightweight, fully-automatic and discreet, the AMXD can be used with existing aircrew ensembles, including Chem-Bio suits and cold weather gear.

"It is a key mission enabler/enhancer for long duration missions or missions where the amount of flight/survival gear makes using a traditional piddle pack close to impossible or cause safety of flight issues with disconnecting from the seat belts. I believe it is a much better system and needs to be fielded ASAP."
1st Lt.  A.B. Male F-16 Pilot

"I think it is a much easier and safer alternative to current systems. It does not require transferring aircraft control to the WSO or any amount of un-strapping. The collection bags are sealed and much easier to handle and stow in the cockpit than other systems." 
Capt. E.S. Female F-15E Pilot

FDA Approved

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The AMXD® has been approved for use in all fixed and rotary wing aircraft by the U.S. Air Force. Safe-To-Fly testing was conducted on the F-15, F-16, F-22, and A-10. The British Royal Air Force and Royal Netherlands Air Force performed testing in Chinook CH47D, Cougar AS532I2, and the Apache AH64D helicopter systems.

ISO 9001-2000 Compliant

Medicare Accredited by the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation